3 Other “Star Wars” Series We’d Love To See On Disney+
Why Ilana Glazer’s Standup Special Isn’t That Funny
3 Greatest Susie-Curses-Out-Larry Moments on “Curb Your Enthusiasm”
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What's New and Noteworthy on Amazon Prime Video In January

If the thought of a new year and decade with a sci-fi ring to it fills you with existential dread, Amazon Prime Video has the goods to distract you. From the new…

7 TV Season Finales That Stuck The Landing In 2019

Like every band’s second album, season finales have a habit of splitting the fanbase (cough, Game Of Thrones). Going out strong is an achievement, so we tip our hat to 2019’s fondest…

“The Dublin Murders” on STARZ is a grim but engaging mystery

“The Dublin Murders” is a crime drama currently available on STARZ and made in conjunction with BBC One. It’s based on “In The Woods” and “The Likeness,” novels by Tana French, a…

Three scenes that made “The Aeronauts” the most exciting movie of 2019

2019 had no shortage of exciting movies come to the theaters. These included the usual Marvel fare and the latest chapter in the Skywalker saga – no surprises there. But “The Aeronauts”…

Ilana Glazer’s standup special “The Planet Is Burning” isn't that funny
Why Ilana Glazer’s Standup Special Isn’t That Funny

The new year brings with it new content on all of our beloved streaming platforms. That includes Prime Video, which just premiered the new standup comedy special, “The Planet Is Burning,” by…

Streamlining your streaming in 2020
Streamlining Your Streaming Services In 2020

Diets. Organizing. Traveling. The New Year is home to many resolutions and promises, but in this streaming age there are other achievements to be made, without leaving your home. Behold, 2020’s first-ever…

The Best Reviewed Smart TVs Of 2019
The Best Reviewed Smart TVs Of 2019

Check out this roundup of five of the best new TVs out there right now. TVs are bigger, smarter, and in most cases, cheaper than they’ve ever been. That’s great news, but…