3 streaming services not named Apple TV+ worth trying

3 Streaming Services Not Named Apple TV+ You Should Check Out


Apple TV+ made its official debut on November 1, and it represents Apple Inc.’s attempt to compete in the original streaming wars that have been raging on such streaming services as Hulu, Netflix, and Prime Video.

It’s too early to say how this new service will be received, but one thing’s for sure – the publicity push has been massive, such that one might forget that there are other subscription video services out there that are also worth your attention. Here are three streaming services that are worth your attention, and that you may have missed in the unrelenting Apple TV+ hubbub. 

 1. Shudder

Horror fans, rejoice! Your beloved, low-budget, ultra-gory classics have been freed from the midnight movie theater and unleashed on your TV via Shudder. The service offers a wide selection of films in every horror genre imaginable, from slasher to zombie to Giallo (look it up). It also features such original programming as the series reboot of Creepshow and The Last Drive-In With Joe Bob Briggs.

 2. The Criterion Channel

Founded in 1984, the Criterion Collection has been restoring and reissuing director-approved versions of classic films in what many believe to be their definitive versions. Home to the works of such directors as Akira Kurosawa and Jean-Luc Godard, it’s had a rocky relationship with streaming services, first appearing on Hulu, then on FilmStruck, which shut down in 2018. Hopefully, the Criterion Channel will be these films’ permanent home.

3. HBO Max

HBO Max doesn’t land until the spring of 2020, but there’s already quite a bit of chatter about it. The service comes by way of WarnerMedia and will be as a repository for its content, which includes such blockbuster shows as Friends, The Big Bang Theory, and some show about dragons and thrones.