Sling TV was one of the earliest services to offer over-the-top television service to cord-cutters. Since then, a lot of other services have come and gone. However, Sling has managed to keep its place at the table, while many that have sought to usurp it have fallen by the wayside.

Perhaps to signify its longevity, Sling TV is doing what every business must occasionally do to keep the lights on – namely, they’re raising their prices. While nobody’s happy to see prices go up, Sling gives subscribers to its various plans good choices for a cost that’s hard to get too upset about.

Its two most basic packages, Sling Orange and Sling Blue, are both $20 for the first month and then $30 a month after that. The service’s most high-end package is a combination of the two, Sling Orange & Blue, and it’s priced at $45 a month after a $35 charge for the first month.

In addition to adding an extra 10 hours of DVR time to its subscribers, Sling TV has also added new channels to its lineup. On December 23, Sling TV executive vice president and group president Warren Schlichting made a statement outlining the changes.

“Sling customers have been clear: they want more live news and sports, and they want a cloud DVR included at purchase – and we listened,” he said. Here are five of the most noteworthy channels coming to the service.

  • MSNBC – This used to be an add-on, but it has been made part of the Sling Blue package
  • Headline News – Like MSNBC, this is a former add-on that’s now part of Sling Blue
  • Longhorn Network (LHN) – For the college sports fans who love to hook ’em
  • ACC Network – Like LHN, this is also for college sports fans who can’t miss every battle of Tobacco Road
  • Big Ten Network (BTN) – Will launch later this year ahead of the 2020-2021 college football season

Fox News is also being added to the Sling Blue package, so your Republican uncle will have something to watch when he comes to visit for Thanksgiving.

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