Five shows to binge this weekend

5 Streaming Shows You Must Binge This Weekend


You’ve show-verdosed. Don’t feel guilty, we’ve been there. The stream-waves are bursting with options that will keep you binging for hours on end. Here’s five shows to binge this weekend.

A bird’s eye view of a young Queen Elizabeth on Netflix’s The Crown was too compelling to ignore when it premiered in 2016, featuring a star making performance by Claire Foy. The series has returned a dozen or so years later with a middle-aged Queen, played by Olivia Coleman, pondering her place in history.

A buff John Krasinsky brought the Jack Ryan series to life for Amazon, and he’s at it again with a new season that finds him fighting a corrupt regime in Venezuela. Krasinsky is mighty convincing for a cubicle dweller turned gun-toting patriot.

The real-life saga behind the scenes at the Today Show was the best show on TV, and it’s the inspiration for Apple TV+’s The Morning Show. Jennifer Aniston plays the host of a morning broadcast whose co-host, played by Steve Carrell, goes the way of Matt Lauer. Left without a TV husband, she fights a smarmy boss, played with devilish glee by Billy Crudup, to choose her next co-host and unexpectedly crowns Reese Witherspoon.

What if you found a drama series so preposterous you can’t believe you’re watching, but after 10 episodes you’re still there, incredulous? Such is the situation with Netflix’s What/If, a farcical story about a Machiavellian investor played with chew-the-scenery gusto by Renee Zellweger who snookers an unsuspecting entrepreneur out of her company, for reasons that strain credulity to its limits. But satisfying so.

            Not to be missed is Amazon’s Killing Eve, a quirky drama from BBC America about a dogged investigator (Sandra Oh) chasing a sarcastic and chic serial killer (Jodie Comer) around the globe. The body count rises every episode, but so do the quotes.

Grab some popcorn, cozy into your couch and binge these shows over the next few days. Your bound to want more.