Here's 7 new additions to Netflix in November

7 New Netflix Additions to Catch This November


It’s a stellar month for new Netflix releases, from classic movies and awards season hopefuls to much-anticipated seasons of TV. Before you hit the holiday circuit, polish up your small talk by Netflix and chilling with these.

The Great British Baking Show: Holidays: Season 2

Oven mitts at the ready for the return of eight fan favorites from the UK’s beloved baking show. Decked out in holiday sweaters, the crew will battle it out over edible snow globes for the title of Christmas Star Baker. And of course, expect puns on puns as the sexual innuendos get a holiday twist. Hot buns!

Elliot the Littlest Reindeer

Imposter syndrome gets the warm and fuzzy treatment in the animated tale of Elliot, a miniature horse who has three days to win his dream spot on Santa’s reindeer team. The stakes are raised with a “magic cookie” doping scandal and a subplot to turn the residents of Elliot’s petting zoo into jerky. This is all set in motion by Blitzen’s shock retirement, so one more time… ok boomer.  

The Crown: Season 3

Olivia Coleman is arguably more popular than the real Royal Family right now, so tune in as she succeeds Claire Foy for the next phase of Queen Elizabeth. The ten-episode run covers 1964 to 1977, when the Queen’s Harris Tweed suits and three-string pearls were in contrast to Britain generally loosening up, from the Swinging Sixties to increased political activism and social liberalization. Also, corgi butts.

The Irishman

If its 3.5-hour run time kept you out of the theater for Scorcese’s latest epic, rejoice! You can watch his latest gangster epic, now with different accents, in your own home, with as many pee breaks as you like. It tells the story of a mob hitman who maybe, probably, had something to do with Jimmy Hoffa’s demise, and reunites Al Pacino, Robert De Niro, and Joe Pesci.

Queer Eye: We’re in Japan!

The latest season takes the Fab Five’s message of self-care and compassion to Tokyo for four episodes, where turning lives around meets sushi, kimonos, and dancing in crosswalks. How will the boys exert their self-esteem boosting superpowers in a whole new culture? According to the trailer, “Yasss queen!” is universal.

Rosemary’s Baby

Watch Mia Farrow rock a pixie cut and birth the anti-Christ in an attempt to make rent in New York City. It’s possibly an indictment against baby showers, and it’s definitely one of the best horror movies ever made — thanks to that late-’60s patina that makes even the mundane details feel terrifying. Oh and again, there’s Satan.

Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj: Season 5

“The Daily Show” alumnus Minhaj takes on culture and politics with skill that earned him a Peabody Award, and he’s funny about it. If you plan on avoiding those topics altogether this Thanksgiving, the latest season of “Patriot Act” could aid in a skillful pivot; past seasons have explored the Philippine general election and drug war, mental healthcare, and ideas for the Olympics. Your move cousin Earl.

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