Angry Spotify listeners stream Slipknot most

Angry Listeners Love To Stream Slipknot, According To Spotify


The year is winding down, and streaming app listeners are making their “Best of 2019” mixes in response. For this purpose, Spotify offers a service called Spotify Wrapped.

This feature tracks listeners’ play counts and shows what they’ve really been listening to, so while you might want to impress your friends with your knowledge of obscure jazz artists, the app will show that you actually listened to that “Juice” song by Lizzo 57 times this year.

That’s not the only useful information the app can offer. The ticket search engine TickX mined Spotify playlists to see which ones included certain words in the title that describe emotions. These included “sad,” “happy,” and “angry,” and the data showed that when Spotify listeners were angry, they listened to masked Iowa metallers Slipknot the most.

The researchers found that the angry songs – by Slipknot or anyone else – all shared common attributes. The average tempo was 130 beats per minute, the average song length was three minutes and 47 seconds, and the average year of release was 2007. A brief overview of the things that happened that year, such as the introduction of the iPhone or the death of former Russian president Boris Yeltsin, offers scant evidence as to why 2007 had so much angry music to offer. Still, at StreamEasy, we don’t argue with the data.

After Slipknot, the three artists angry Spotify listeners played the most were Three Days Grace, Linkin Park, and Disturbed. And while Slipknot may have been the band that angry listeners chose overall, the group didn’t have the individual song that enraged listeners chose most frequently. Instead, that honor went to the Chicago metal band Disturbed, whose song “Down With The Sickness” offered the most succor to Spotify’s enraged listening base.

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