The 3 greatest Susie-Curses-Out-Larry moments on “Curb Your Enthusiasm”

3 Greatest Susie-Curses-Out-Larry Moments on “Curb Your Enthusiasm”


“Curb Your Enthusiasm” fans, rejoice! On January 19th, after a two-year absence (that was preceded by a six-year absence), the largely-improvised HBO comedy will be returning for its 10th season.

Like “Seinfeld,” “Curb Your Enthusiasm” is also a show about nothing. Its plots take a very distant back seat to the poorly-handled social situations, awkward violations of etiquette, and unwritten rules known only to its star, the inimitable Larry David. The list of episodes names in the upcoming season – which includes “Artificial Fruit” and “Beep Panic” – also gives no indication of what will happen after the familiar theme music heralds the opening credits.

Be that as it may, it seems safe to assume that certain things will probably happen. Larry will knowingly violate a rule of etiquette that he alone thinks is stupid, and then pay dearly for it. His manager Jeff (Jeff Garlin) will make yet another fruitless attempt to help Larry’s career, only to see it sabotaged by the client himself. And most importantly, Jeff’s wife Susie (Susie Essman) will unleash a hellish torrent of profanity upon our hero for some social slight, one which he almost certainly deserves.

While “Curb Your Enthusiasm” has boasted unforgettable gags and great performances by everyone who’s ever appeared on the show, the Susie-Curses-Out-Larry moments are quintessential “Curb,” and a season without one would be like a day without sunshine. In anticipation of this, StreamEasy has chosen three such moments, which we feel perfectly capture the essence of this show.

Our three favorites appear below, and it was hard to choose just three of them. It was almost like picking our favorite child. WARNING: Some salty language lies ahead.

Larry accidentally gets Susie’s daughter drunk

“Bring me the head!”

Larry vs. Susie vs. Loretta

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