Mrs. Fletcher is the best show on HBO you aren't watching

HBO’s “Mrs. Fletcher” Is The Best Show You Aren’t Watching


Listen, “Game of Thrones” has been over for six months now, and if you haven’t canceled HBO in its absence, you have to move on! We at StreamEasy say this with love. And while “Mrs. Fletcher” features no dragons, eunuchs, or incest, it’s on HBO, so it has that going for it, and you should consider watching it, because with the exception of “Chernobyl,” it’s the best original programming on the network right now.

Based on the 2017 novel of the same name by Tom Perrotta, who also wrote the book on which the series “The Leftovers” is based, “Mrs. Fletcher” is about Eve Fletcher, played by the always excellent Kathryn Hahn. A divorced woman in her mid-40s, her son has gone off to college, forcing her to contend with an empty nest and her own desires, which have gone largely unfulfilled.

“Mrs. Fletcher” is not a perfect show. There are flaws in the writing as well as characters whose arcs go largely undeveloped, leading the viewer to wonder why the show even bothered with them in the first place. It also lacks a third act – the series is only seven episodes long, and the final episode ends on what one hopes is a cliffhanger ending meant to tease a second season, because it simply doesn’t work as an ending in itself.

So why should you bother? Because most of the time, the show is funny and engaging and goes to some pretty raunchy places, as well as some unexpectedly heartfelt ones. Also, it has been perfectly cast, from Hahn in the title role to Josh Hamilton as her passive-aggressive ex-husband and newcomer Jackson White as her frat-boy doofus son, whose much-deserved comeuppance is a joy to behold. 

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