With Hulu increasing price here's three other cheaper streaming options

Hulu Live Increased Its Prices. Here’s 3 Cheaper Alternatives


The whole lure of the streaming wars is that they were supposed to result in cheaper subscriptions than being tied to a cable provider. But as these services become more popular, more developed and more intriguing for customers, their prices are getting jacked up in the process.

Hulu Live is a streaming provider that has fallen victim to a price increase. Starting December 18, the service will cost subscribers $54.99 per month, putting it up there with some of the most expensive streaming services on the list. The company says the price increase “better reflects” the value of what it offers to subscribers. 

If you don’t want to shell out over $500 a year for Hulu Live, we can’t blame you. If you’re looking to switch to a more cost-effective streaming service, consider these three options:

1. SlingTV

SlingTV is a low-cost offering for individuals who want network programming but don’t want to shell out a boat-load of money. For as little as $15 per month, subscribers can have access to network programming like CNN, Bravo and more. Even if you double your package and purchase access to both of Sling’s options, it still rings in much cheaper than Hulu Live.

Cost: $15 per month for Sling Orange or Sling Blue; $25 per month for both.

2. CBS All Access

If you love CBS, and football, then CBS All Access is a wallet-friendly streaming service that you can gladly replace Hulu Live with.

CBS All Access comes with access to CBS original programming and live TV (including local CBS affiliates in select markets.) The best part about this service, though, is subscribers can watch live NFL games and pay as little a $6 per month. That’s a lot of content for not a lot of money.

Cost: $5.99 per month or $59.99 per year with ads; $9.99 per month or $99.99 per year, ad-free. 

3. Amazon Prime Video

If you have an Amazon Prime membership already, you’ll want to put it to good use with Prime video. Though an annual Prime membership might appear more costly than a Hulu TV membership, it actually breaks down to a much cheaper cost each month (less than $10 per month, compared to Hulu’s nearly $45 monthly subscription fee.) 

Amazon Prime Video comes with a large library of TV shows and content. For an additional price each month, subscribers can add on “channels” to their subscription, including CBS All Access, HBO and sports programming.) By adding on the CBS All Access channel, subscribers will have the ability to stream live football games and have access to original CBS programming.  

Cost: Free with an Amazon Prime membership ($119 per year) or $8.99 per month for non-Prime members.