Whether she intends it or not, fans of “Broad City” will have a hard time differentiating between fictional Ilana and real-life Ilana. Real-life Ilana spends the first 10 minutes of “The Planet Is Burning” talking about smoking pot, being a Jew and being sexually attracted to both men and women – i.e., pretty much the same things her “Broad City” character talked about in every episode.

Although the Venn diagram between Ilana Glazer and Ilana Wexler is basically a circle, “The Planet Is Burning” eventually finds its groove. This happens when Glazer focuses on her everyday struggles, such as the inferiority of women’s razors as compared to those sold to men, or needing her husband to help her put in her Diva cup. It’s at that point that Ilana Glazer, standup comedian, comes into focus, and she’s highly entertaining.