5 president movies to stream during impeachment hearings

Impeachment TV Substitute: 5 President Movies To Stream


Impeachment got you down? As the hearings go on (and on, and on), more exciting presidential dramas await!

How badly do we want a leader like Andrew Shepard (Michael Douglas) in “The American President”? His only scandal? Dating Annette Benning! The movie is inspiring and nostalgic, if a little sappy. But “The American President,” available on Netflix and Amazon, gets our vote over Adam Schiff and Devon Nunes any day.

Remember when presidents took on real fights, like terrorists hijacking their plane? “Air Force One” stars Harrison Ford as a commander in chief whose flight gets taken over by Gary Oldman. The action is patriotic fun, especially when you can watch as part of your Amazon Prime subscription.

The Ukrainian double dealings may be messy, but nothing was messier than Watergate, the subject of Robert Redford’s “All the President’s Men,” also available on Amazon Prime. Told through the eyes of Washington Post reporters, the movie details the take down of the Nixon administration through good old shoe leather reporting.

Josh Brolin nailed it as George W. Bush in “W,” Oliver Stone’s farcical drama about the life of the 43rd president. The movie, which is on both Netflix and Amazon, gets serious when it turns to the Iraq invasion, but the casting — Richard Dreyfus as Cheney, Jeffrey Wright as Powell, Scott Glenn as Rumsfeld — is so absurd it’s distractingly funny.

Speaking of great performances: Daniel Day Lewis won the Oscar for “Lincoln,” his expert portrayal as Honest Abe as he worked to abolish slavery. The movie, directed by Steven Spielberg, is inspiring and, well, sad because you know how it eventually ends. Still, “Lincoln,” on both Amazon and Netflix, is worthy of an afternoon (and the perfect break from impeachment hearings!)