Jay-Z's full library has returned to Spotify

Allow Me To Reintroduce Myself: Jay-Z Returns To Spotify


News of the return of Jay-Z to Spotify after a two year absence is reason to throw your ROC signs in the air. The by now-legendary rap/ music and culture impresario has dominated the media for the past 20 years, but his decision to horde his entire music catalog in 2017 in favor of his own streaming service, Tidal, left listeners no choice but to subscribe to the platform, unless they wanted to outright buy on Apple’s iTunes. 

Now, Spotify’s 217 million listeners have gotten Hova back and there’s plenty of reasons to party.

Spotify has the entire — that’s right, everything — collection on its service, starting with his 1996 classic “Reasonable Doubt” all the way to 2017’s “4:44.” And don’t fret: the artist’s collaboration with Kanye West on their 2011 album “Watch the Throne” is back too. Black excellence, opulence, decadence, indeed!

Witness The Art!

There’s no doubt Jay-Z has revolutionized hip-hop (one could argue music in general), and his 2011 masterpiece “The BluePrint” (included!) shows why. Recorded in just two weeks, the 2001 album, released on  9/11, was one of the first to use sampling from artists like Al Green, Bobby “Blue” Bland, David Ruffin and The Jackson 5. That technique is now common practice in not just hip hop but dance, pop and R&B.

Save Money!

Tidal, with High Fidelity sound, launched in 2014 and was soon bought by Jay-Z, who moved his entire catalog to the service. But it’s $19.99 a month fee, for 60 million tracks and 240,00 videos, proved too steep to compete with Spotify, which is only $9.99. While money may not be a thing to Jay-Z, it sure is to us consumers.

Fill the void! Jay-Z’s only new music this year has been with wife Beyonce on “The Lion King” soundtrack. Fortunately, the Empire Struck Back and now you get everything — all 668 songs.

Can’t knock that hustle. 

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