Try Sling TV free for seven days and get 40% Off Your First Month

Paying Too Much For Cable? Sling TV Makes It Easier Than Ever To Cut The Cord


Try seven days free and get 40% Off Your First Month

You’ve probably already heard a lot about cord-cutting, which is a fancy term for telling your cable provider to take a hike. And while streaming services are great, maybe you’re reluctant to take the plunge because you don’t want to lose the live TV your cable company provides. If that’s the case, you need to check out Sling TV, the streaming service that offers your favorite channels, both live and on-demand, for as little as $15 for the first month. Best of call, you can try it free for one whole week.

Try It Free For One Week

Sling TV lets you watch dozens of channels live, just like cable, but without the channels you don’t care about cluttering up your monthly bill. It comes in two different packages: Sling Orange and Sling Blue. Orange is similar to a basic cable package, with staples like ESPN, CNN, TNT, and TBS — 30 live channels in all. But if you prefer more local programming and sports, you may want to opt for Sling Blue, which has more than 40 channels altogether, including NBC Sports and NBCSN, FX, Syfy, and USA. Or you can choose to get a combo of both packages at
a discounted rate.

Sling TV A La Carte Channels Available For As Little As $3 Per Month

If Sling TV’s packages don’t have exactly what you’re looking for, the service offers flexibility that is simply unheard of in the traditional cable TV universe. With the A La Carte option, you can add a variety of individual channels to your package to refine and perfect your lineup for as little as $3 a month per channel. Some of the Sling A La Carte channels include premiums like Starz and Showtime, Country Network Plus, DOG TV, Hallmark Movies Now, and many more. You can also add other Extras to your Sling experience, like local over-the-air channels and a special comedy package with programming from MTV, GSN, TV Land, just to name a few. 

Get A Free Sling Device If You Sign Up Now

If you subscribe and pay for two months of the service up front, Sling TV will send you a free Amazon Fire TV Stick or AirTV Mini, both of which you can use to enjoy Sling TV and other online streaming services on your TV. But with Sling’s impressive on-demand programming library as well as its generous array of extras and add-ons, you won’t even need other streaming services to keep you and your family entertained. 

So if you’re ready to start watching live channels without paying for cable, head over to Sling TV’s official site and get started right now.

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