Spotify has just launched Spotify Kids for kids and families

Spotify Launches Spotify Kids Just Before The Holidays


Spotify, the audio-streaming service that’s the platform of choice for music listeners across the world, announced at the end of October that it’s launching Spotify Kids. According to an October 30 press release, it will be “a fun standalone app designed with safety in mind specifically for kids and families.”

Currently, it’s only available in Ireland in a beta version, and no announcement has yet been made regarding when it will roll out elsewhere.

In the release, Spotify Chief Premium Business Officer Alex Norström said that the standard app was designed for adults, and can sometimes be a bit baffling for children to navigate. To that end, Spotify Kids was designed for users ages three and up “with their specific cognitive skills in mind, and exudes a fun, familiar, playful, and bright atmosphere.”

Norström said that Spotify has spent two years developing the app, and consulted with such resources as the National Children’s Museum in Washington, D.C. He added that he expected the company to receive plenty of feedback from users during its beta testing period and that he looked forward to the improvements that feedback would yield.

“While launching this kids’ app is an exciting moment for Spotify, creating it was not a task we took lightly,” Norström said. “We knew the importance of understanding parents’ needs and making sure they would have peace of mind about the content their kids are consuming.”

No launch date has been given yet for Spotify users outside of Ireland, but the Kids app is expected to be available everywhere the service’s Premium Family plan is. So if this sounds like the right one for your family, sit tight – soon, your kids can listen to “Minecraft” parody songs without annoying you, and you can spare them the experience of being traumatized when you listen to “Freaky Gurl” by Nicki Minaj.