2019 holiday gift guide for streaming services

StreamEasy 2019 Streaming Gift Guide: Gifting Streaming For The Holidays


If someone on your list has cut the cord — or is thinking about it — the gift of streaming could be a fun idea for this holiday season. But how do you do it? Are there gift cards for streaming services? And which ones make sense as presents? StreamEasy’s 2019 Streaming Gift Guide is here to make things a little easier. 

For The Old School Channel Surfer 

If your giftee is expecting to see live news and network programming along with live and local sports, you’ll need to find a card for one of the bigger streaming bundlers. One easy solution is a GooglePlay gift card, which can be used to pay for a YouTube TV subscription.

Hulu with Live TV and Sling TV also offer gift cards for their services, which include live and local networks, along with dozens of familiar, cable-style networks. 

For the Movie Buff And TV Snob 

HBO Max won’t launch in time for the holiday season, but prestige TV fans can still get gift cards for the existing HBO NOW service. A Netflix card makes a great last-minute gift, as does an Amazon or Apple gift card, you’ll just have to explain that you meant for the recipient to spend it on Amazon Prime Video or Apple TV +. And it’s hard to imagine a better family holiday gift than a few months of the new Disney + service; you can buy a 12-month subscription gift card online.

For The Bleacher Creature 

As of now, there doesn’t appear to be an ESPN +, FuboTV or DAZN -specific gift card. MLB.TV does offer one online for its subscription TV service.

For The Person Who’s Seen Everything 

If someone you’re buying for someone whose tastes run a little outside of the mainstream, Amazon Channels offers an easy way to gift more specialized fare. Using an Amazon Prime account, a user can manage paid  subscriptions to over 100 Amazon Prime Video channels — channels dedicated to independent film, anime, British TV, documentaries, history, horror, sports and more.  

Music Lovers and Podders

Don’t forget Spotify, Pandora and Tidal cards; SoundCloud Pro also offers a virtual gift card, if you have an existing subscription. 

Where Do I Buy The Gift Cards?

For the services that also maintain online marketplaces, like Amazon, Apple and Google (YouTube) buying a gift card is as simple as visiting their store. Most of the other cards can be bought on the gift card rack at brick-and-mortar retailers like Best Buy, Walmart, Target, Gamestop, Walgreens and even supermarkets. You can also visit those stores’ online equivalents, or check out giftcards.com or egifters.com.

Funds from gift cards are credited to the giftees account, if they have one, or can be used to set up a new account. 

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