Streamlining your streaming in 2020

Streamlining Your Streaming Services In 2020


Diets. Organizing. Traveling. The New Year is home to many resolutions and promises, but in this streaming age there are other achievements to be made, without leaving your home. Behold, 2020’s first-ever steamolutions.


Love binge watching your favorite series? It feels so good, doesn’t it? Until you realize you’ve watched the whole season of Netflix’s “The Crown” or Amazon’s “Jack Ryan” in one sitting and now have to wait another year for new episodes. Apple TV wisely confronted this phenomenon and did a slow drip on its “Morning Show” series by releasing an episode week after week. You might have hated it at first, but it gave you something to look forward to, no?

“You” Know You Can’t Resist

If you’re going to binge watch (see paragraph, previous), might we suggest “You” on Netflix, the most digestible series since the first season of “House of Cards” (also from Netflix). “Gossip Girl’s” Penn Badgley plays a very Non-Dan-Hamphrey type of stalker fond of keeping people in a glass, climate controlled cage. The twists and turns in this series are ridiculous, but deliciously so. 

Audit your monthly subscriptions

Amazon has a sneaky way of adding subscriptions to your monthly take — by dangling a free viewing of a movie or series if you subscribe to the channel RIGHT NOW. Before you know it, you’re paying for a dozen channels at $4.99 or more. Go see what you’ve signed up for. 

Avoid double paying

While you’re reviewing what you’ve subscribed to, make sure you’re not signed up for channels you’re already paying on a cable bill. HBO, Showtime, Cinemax are fixtures on cable packages, and on Amazon, too. You don’t need both.

Be discerning

This year, there will be two additional platforms competing for your monthly fees — Warner Media’s HBOMax and NBC’s Peacock. They join Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, Apple TV and Disney +. Do you need all seven? Not really.

Cut the Cord

If you have more than one streaming service, you don’t need cable too. Follow the above tips and you’ll not only get what content you want, but you’ll save some cash too.

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