Here's where you can stream the rest of the Terminator series

Terminator on Streaming: Read This if You Want to Watch


Terminator just said “Hasta la Vista” to Netflix, but fans of the series, including six movies, have plenty of ways to watch the sci-fi anthology. Since the franchise burst onto screens in 1984, making a star out of an unexpected Arnold Schwarzenegger, the Terminator sequels have been a mainstay in our lives, sprouting new editions just often enough to stay on the radar. Though it’s most recent, “Dark Fate,” lived up to its title with a disappointing box office, the franchise has provided some of the most popular streaming and online content around the world. But where to find it?

“Terminator” — the original — just finished up a free-run on Amazon Prime, but it’s still available on Hulu

Remember the awesome 1991 sequel “Judgment Day,” when Robert Patrick, playing one of the evil Terminators, liquified? The movie was groundbreaking, and it’s still fun to watch … for a cost. It’s not streaming for free but you can buy or rent on Amazon Prime, iTunes, Google Play, Vudu. But Robert Patrick will not pop out of your TV set. 

“Rise of the Machines,” the sequel released in the midst of Schwarzenegger’s 2003 run for California governor, just began streaming on Hulu and is available on platforms where content is sold.

“Terminator Salvation,” where Christian Bale grunts through the whole movie, just began streaming on Hulu Nov. 1. It’s the only one in the series without Schwarzenegger. Consider that a divorce.

The 2015 “Terminator Genisys,” the second highest grossing of the series, marked Arnold’s return, and boasted a cast including Game of Thrones Emilia Clark. Though you can buy or rent it most anywhere, you can watch on FX Now with a cable log in