Truth Be Told is on Apple TV+ and it's very bingeworthy

“Truth Be Told” On Apple TV+ Is A Worthwhile Slow Burn


“Truth Be Told” is a crime series on Apple TV+ based on the 2017 Kathleen Barber novel “Are You Sleeping.” It premiered on December 6, and four episodes have aired so far, with six more to come this season, but what’s there right now is pretty darn binge-able.

The story revolves around Poppy Parnell, played by Oscar-winner Octavia Spencer. She hosts a true-crime podcast, but years earlier, as an investigative reporter, she spearheaded the investigation of 16-year-old Warren Cave, who was tried as an adult and convicted of the murder of his next-door neighbor. Now, 20 years later, it appears that Cave may have been wrongly convicted, so she decides to go back and re-examine the evidence. Unfortunately, she ends up reopening many wounds in the process, for many people.

The show keeps the viewer interested without giving too much away, so four episodes in, we have suggestions and insinuations of what’s coming without any full revelations. That may change as the series goes on, but for now, the story is giving just enough information to hint that something big is on the horizon.

The actors carry the show. In addition to Spencer, the cast includes Aaron Paul of “Breaking Bad” and Lizzy Caplan of “Castle Rock” in a dual role as twin sisters. Even in scenes in which Caplan appears as both characters in the same shot, the portrayals of each sister are so different from one another that you forget you’re watching performances shot on different days and assembled with CGI in post-production.

There are still enough episodes of “Truth Be Told” left that reviewing just the episodes that are currently available is a bit like reviewing only the first act of a play. But what’s available so far is of a high enough quality to indicate that it will be worth sticking with.

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